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FF&E Designers

The FF&E department is consisted of 26 technical staff, 4 chief designer.

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Main projects completed:


China Resources Lidu Yue Mansion in Beijing (sales center and model house)

China Resources Kunlunyu middle duplex model house in Beijing

China Resources Suhe Bay Run Mansion model house in Shanghai

China Resources Run Mansion model house in Nanjing

China Resources international community sales center in Nanjing

Yuexiu Manyun Mansion sales center in Hangzhou

Shimao Qiantang Tianyu 290 model house in Hangzhou

Shimao Cuican Lanchen sales canter in Hangzhou

Yango Century Jinchen sales center in Hangzhou

Sino-ocean Guiyuan MAX in Wuhan (sales center and model house)

Shinsun Diyang Mansion sales center in Shaoxing


Chengdu Longfor Jinnan Paradise Walk

Chongqing Longfor Times Paradise Walk phase 2

Suzhou Longfor Shishan Paradise Walk

Hangzhou Longfor Jinsha Paradise Walk

Hangzhou Longfor Binjiang Paradise Walk

Hangzhou Longfor Zijinggang Paradise Walk

Hangzhou Longfor Xixi Paradise Walk

China Resources Xiaoshan MIXC ONE in Hangzhou

Projects in progress:

China Railway Construction Huayu Hall model house in Taiyuan

Metro Project sales center and model house in Wuxi

Chongqing Longfor TOD Paradise Walk