Shinsun Jiangshan Yunyue Sales Center in Hangzhou

Dream back to Jiangnan, tides pour to Qiantang

Shinsun Jiangshan Yunyue sales center in Hangzhou is located in Qiantang New District of Hangzhou, which is the growth pole of new city.Jiangnan culture and urban life are integrated into one vein, breaking through the skyline of Qiantang River and surging forward, giving Hangzhou a new character in the new era.The style of Qiantang riverside is integrated into the Jiangshan Yunyue, and the aesthetics of Jiangnan is interpreted, leaving a thick ink and light color for Qiantang in the new era.

Location: Hangzhou,China

Area: 771 ㎡

Type: sales center

Duration: 2019.9

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