Wuhan Sino-ocean Guiyuan Max Template Room

Gorgeous Guiyuan, Prosperity begins again

Wuhan Sino-ocean Guiyuan Max 7# apartment template room project is adjacent to Guiyuan temple which has a history of more than 300 years. The unique location and culture, as well as the spirit of contemporary Wuhan's integration and circulation, and vigorous and enterprising spirit, contribute to the needs of the times of cultural and commercial renewal and iteration in Guiyuan district. Here, the estrangement between space and time has been completely broken. The designer combined the tradition and the modern, to create a warm emotional connection between people and the contemporary city.

Location: Wuhan, China

Area: 28 ㎡、30 ㎡、38 ㎡

Type: Apartment

Duration: 2019.12

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