To the cutest you in HPID2021.3.8


The gentle breeze in early spring brought the most beautiful goddess festival "March 8th".

Every goddess in HPID,

She is a mother and the best teacher for her child;

She is a wife and a warm support from her husband;

She is a daughter, the greatest pride of her parents;

They are tender, but women do not let their eyebrows be shaved.

You have a surprise to be signed! At 15:00, every goddess in HPID received a unique gift, and the company's love for the goddesses has never been inferior. The wish of life is actually very simple. I don't want to have sudden troubles, but only hope for sudden surprises.

On this special festival,  I wish every goddess will be her own queen, striding forward bravely, and her heart will eventually arrive.

Happy Goddess Day!

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