Tea party for new employees Meet your best self2019.9.5


June is the season of farewell, farewell to the campus life, farewell to the once ignorant, August is the season of meeting. HPID and ideal story start here, meet the best of yourself here.

This is a carnival feast specially planned for the new comers. There are rich gifts prepared by HPID and delicious tea break snacks. The enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of new employees can be fully mobilized in a cheerful atmosphere, so that everyone can integrate into HPID’s family more quickly.

We hope that more outstanding talents will join this warm and loving family of HPID, and work together to achieve good results.

We also hope that every Tang Dynasty people can work happily and live happily, and strive to meet the ideal self in Hpid and live up to their years and self.

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