Sharing good time, HPID Chinese afternoon tea 2020.4.26


HPID human resources and administration department carefully planned the first super luxury afternoon tea in 2020.It was a wonderful feast on the tip of the tongue, for HPID peoples who have worked hard for more than a month.

The aroma of the office is overflowing, and the people's mouth is flowing. The exquisite Chinese style pastry made by the chef completely captured people’s heart. The pure hand-made pan-fried pork bun made by aunts carefully was the center of this party.

With such a rich feast, we all replenish our energy, so we don't have to worry about being sleepy in the afternoon.


Happy work and happy life.

While advocating the concept of happy work, HPID constantly brings "surprises and benefits" to employees.

In this big group full of love, let's have the work attitude of delivering Happiness together.

Fearless challenge, go forward bravely, realize the dream.


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