Christmas with you, love together 2019.12.25


It is the Christmas season of another year, and HPID in the festival Carnival again. The last festival in 2019, let's see how cool HPID people play their youth in the best time. The joyful music enlarges the atmosphere of Christmas and lights up the expectation of the festival in our hearts.

An unprecedented Christmas party is quietly kicking off. There is no hard pressed rush, no colorful black, and there are only endless taste buds to enjoy.

Working in such a team full of love, everyone is wrapped in love, so as to convey this "love" without reservation. In fact, love HPID, Every day is a day to celebrate in life.

Happy time is always fleeting, but the original heart we light will never die out.

In 2020, we will burn our passion and forge ahead bravely.

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