Condensed by love,Thanksgiving Charity Sale 2019.11.28


Everything in the world will come across, meet the beautiful and live with thankfulness. Gratitude is not only an attitude towards life, but also a ceremony to enhance happiness.


On the Thanksgiving Day on November 28, all HPID partners held a charity sale because of their love. Today, all the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross, to use warmth to dispel the chill of winter.

The scene of the charity sale was full of excitement. Everyone began to transform from a designer to a cross-border "sales", attracting customers in an artist like way and actively promoting their products.

On Thanksgiving afternoon, HPID's office was particularly sunny. In the process of transaction, smile always overflows on everyone's face, happiness is so simple.

The high-quality and low-cost goods stimulate the strong desire of Hpid partners to buy. Many of the goods were soon sold out, which was as popular as the double 11 just pasted.

Our strength may be limited, but our best wishes are boundless. Streams can be gathered into rivers and seas, and love will also be precipitated into responsibilities. The great love is conveyed in the tiny.


HPID always practices social responsibility and makes its own efforts to achieve public welfare. Thanks in the heart, HPID will always be with love!


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