Halloween Carnival, HPID "Ghosts" mingle with each other 2019.10.31


Pumpkin is fragrant and in a strange shape. The witches and ghosts wandering in the office are warmly inviting you to enter the "ghosts" Halloween party of HPID. Procrastination ghost, overtime ghost, revision ghost, spender ghost, tear up the same skin bag, today we only do small "ghosts" loyal to the real heart.

Release childlike innocence and make trouble together. Not all the "ghosts" are frightening. The cute little ghost from HPID was actually kidnapped by human beings and forced to open business. Is it the distortion of human nature or the decline of fear.


There is not only sugar in the HPID’s Halloween, but also a delicious meal for you which will make you be a hungry ghost. The atmosphere of arrangement is full score , as if in the Western movie romantic castle. Delicious special theme food for Halloween make all the "ghosts" can’t stand to eat a lot. With sugar to mobilize the body's dopamine, let silky sweet feed carnival fun.

 Choose a good company, everyday in the festival. With a "mischievous" reason, fully enjoy the joy and freedom of abundant life. Hope every HPID person always be like a child, keep childlike interest, cherish dreams and live in the sun.

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